Pop Up Games Transworld 2017


Live Slack chat by James

Pop Up Games: Educational games at museums, city halls, monuments, etc. As marketing when running at fairs, tradeshows, city festivals.

Pop Up Games: Sublease short term in off-hours in established locations. A 10 minute game whets the appetite to play a full game

@meap from Improbable Escapes presenting on pop up games

can’t usually use security cameras in pop up games so make the GM a character in the game
make the game fit the feel of the space

a temporary space in a pop up isn’t always conducive to escaping so don’t focus on escape; use different goals
don’t create super challenging game; players don’t have long. whet the appetite

need quick reset. need easy transport.

Side note, hear the one @strype is in is awesome (for super nerdy techy types). Will try to get more notes on that seminar later.

partners may not understand importance of bookings. may overbook your event, under book, or side book

Can ruin your event

Sell yourself as an organization that will increase attendance for their business

A 10 minute pop up game example: 4 puzzles. aim to have players escape with 1 to 2 minutes left. Small series of small victories.

@meap’s game was just interrupted by officer accusing her of murder and handcuffing her to the stage


worst officer ever. he’s thrown away the key leaving her on stage so he can get a coffee

she can still reach the mic though so all good

@emmarochon has taken over the presentation

she says she’s a nervous public speaker but she seems like a natural

Don’t handcuff people in a mayan temple. Does not make sense. We are making a crime game here so it makes sense @meap is handcuffed

Start with a simple physical puzzle as they’re clear about what you need to do. Short pop up games need to start with a bang

An actor is a great way to get the inciting incident

Start with getting players working together but after that initial physical puzzle consider breaking them off so different people can work on different things together.

Non linear elements of meta puzzle