Looking For a Game around the Room Escape Conference? [Wiki]



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Games in the area recommended by @roomescapeartist: https://roomescapeartist.com/tag/buffalo-niagara/


4/30 SUN 6:45pm Perplexity: Muesum Heist, @Roberta
4/30 SUN 8:15pm Perplexity: Lab #42, @Roberta
4/30 SUN 10:00pm Escape Room Adventures: Wonderland, @Roberta
5/1 MON 11:00am Crux:Dead Air, @Roberta
5/1 MON 12:30pm Crux: Cara, @Roberta
5/1 MON 2:00pm Qube:Grandpa’s Study, @Roberta
5/1 MON 3:30pm Crux: Clara, @jamescobalt
5/1 MON 4:00pm Qube: Homeroom, @Roberta
5/1 MON 4:30pm Crux: Dead Air, @jamescobalt
5/1 MON 6:45pm The Hour: Mutiny at the Hour, @jamescobalt
5/1 MON 9:00pm Crux: Clara, @strype
5/2 TUES 6:45pm Reality Rooms: The Wine Cellar, @jamescobalt <- 2 spots left
5/2 TUES 7:15pm Casino Heist, @strype <- 1 spot left
5/2 TUES 9:15pm The Wine Cellar, @strype <- 1 spot left
5/3 WED 2:00pm Escape The Serial Killer, @jamescobalt

5/4 THUR 6:15pm The Hideout, @jamescobalt
5/4 THUR 7:30pm The Gamble (mini game), @jamescobalt


4/29 SAT 3:30pm Moonshine Mile, @jamescobalt
4/29 SAT 6:00pm Beneath The Surface, @jamescobalt
4/30 SAT 5:30pm Unknown, EGC @jamescobalt
4/30 7:15pm Noriko, EGC @jamescobalt
4/30 8:30pm Crossroads, EGC @jamescobalt


I’ll be looking for games Sunday and Monday.


I’ll join for Unknown, Haunting of Noriko, and Crossroads @jamescobalt. Maybe @Lucasjohnson also?


I’m looking for games Sunday night. My flight lands at 5:30 pm so I should be safe for anything after 7? There are two of us (I’m bringing an employee with me). Can you fit us into your group @jamescobalt


Where will you be landing?


We are flying into Buffalo airport


Well, google maps tells me that I may not be able to make the 7:15 game. It states that it’s 2 hours to go from the airport, to the hotel to Escape games Canada and that doesn’t count the time it takes to check into the hotel. We will be looking to play other nights though. Is there room to join in Monday’s games at 3:30 and 4:30?


That’s what I was going to suggest. That it was a little further than that.
But. I know @strype and I will be looking to play games on Monday I think. Unless he has made some plans already.


I also need Monday games but I’m in a seminar until 430.


I’ll be looking for or booking games Monday, Tues, and Wed (around Niagra/Buffalo), and Thurs/Friday in Toronto. I have done no research so far, and I’ll have some sort of SUV rental until Thurs.


Is anyone else interested in playing in the Buffalo area on Sunday night after 7 pm? I’m happy to set up a game or two if there is enough people to join us ( there are only 2 of us)


Should be easy to find players any night during or right before/after the conference dates. I’d recommend booking and then posting the opening here for starters - but you’ll also be able to find players during the conference. Key thing is to reserve the game since a lot of the games around here are private bookings.


Updated post with links to recommendations in the conference area.


Sunday night in Buffalo sounds great…My flight arrives sooner than yours, @Roberta so I should be good with whatever.


Here are the games that I have blocked off and the number of spots still available in the games:
Sunday April 30th 6:45 Perplexity: Muesum Heist (6)
Sunday April 30th 8:15 Perplexity: Lab #42 (4)
Sunday April 30th 10:00 Escape Room Adventure WNY: Wonderland (4)
Monday May 1st 11:00 am Crux:Dead Air (5)
Monday May 1st 12:30 Crux: Cara (6)
Monday May 1st 2:00 pm Qube:Grandpa’s study (2)
Monday May 1st 4:00 pm Qube: Homeroom (2)

Please note that I am posting these games on Facebook as well for others to join. Either send me a message or tag me if you want in and I will reply back if there is a spot still available. @AngeH, I hope you can join us for at least one game!!


I’ve merged these into the master list in the original post. You can edit it as needed (mark if limited availability or delete when full) by clicking the little green edit icon in the top right of the OP.


We’re trying to find a third player (or more) for Dead Air at The Crux on Wednesday at 11am. I can drive from the NY side. My cell is 985-869-2343 feel free to text me if you want to join. We have to buy all three initial tickets together