How Should I Rate?


Allo, everyone! I need some thoughts on how to organize my ratings of escape rooms.

I have a very basic database of ratings, ( but I keep massaging them because I’m not completely happy with what I have so far. And the problem lies in how subjective our experiences are within rooms.

For the record, my audience would be you: escape room enthusiasts! If a newbie asks me for a recommendation, all I need to do is steer them away from bad rooms. Mediocre rooms and above will be an absolute blast for them.

But enthusiasts have seen almost everything.

Sure, I can comment on set design and puzzle design, because for the most part, that can be a pretty objective assessment.

However, an “overall” rating is tough. My overall experience is subject to so many factors. There are rooms I wouldn’t necessarily recommend but I had a lot of fun in. There are rooms I do recommend, but I personally had a horrible experience with it.

So far, I’ve split my ratings up into:

  • Puzzles/Game Design
  • Look/Immersion/Set Design/Tech
  • Recommended for Enthusiasts
  • My Personal Experience

I also try to include comments so the reader can extract from it why I may or may not have had a good experience and assess appropriately whether or not they are willing to do the room.

Now, there are a few things I’m concerned with:

  • I know ratings from a year ago are not really useful. There isn’t an easy way for me to reflect that other than date of rating.
  • I’m rating my enthusiast recommendation on uniqueness: what makes it stick out for an enthusiast. Is that a valid assumption to make? Also, some of you in the 500+ range may have seen things that are unique to me but not to you, so again, that is subjective.
  • I don’t know whether to include puzzle difficulty. Or possibly game flow. Or do I keep track of broken puzzles? Right now, a broken puzzle design gets ranked 2 or lower on puzzle score.
  • Right now, I’m not even dealing with things like immersion and narrative because they are not really present in the majority of games out there. However, one would hope this would change in the future.

What am I missing? What else can I add?
Would this be useful?