Errol cryptics

Submitter Clue Answer Solution breakdown
Darren (from an external site) Errol loves hiding bread. [4] ROLL Hidden word: Er(rol l)oves
Alex Errol loves! [6,4] SOLVER ROLE Anagram, solution is its own definition
Darren Errol looks wet in Asia, I hear. [4] ARAL Homophone
Darren Ugly Errol gets small thanks as a storyteller. [7] RELATOR Anagram Errol + ta
Araltaln Errol’s web-bound, oddly overlooking his sled [7] ROSEBUD Even letters: eRrOlSwEbBoUnD
Darren Not passing Errol, I hear, is wild. [5] FERAL Homophone: F+ERROL
Darren Bizarrely, Errol hatred has stopped a mistake. [6,5] HALTED ERROR Anagram: ERROL HATRED
Darren Endless Errol in Turkey is scary. [6] TERROR Deleted letter + embedded word; T + ERRO + R
Araltaln Mad Errol’s agenda: reseal this? [6] DRAGON Anagram: ERROLS AGENDA = RESEAL DRAGON
Araltaln Knowledge-providing Errol, perhaps [3] OWL Hidden word: kn(owl)edge = Errol from Harry Potter
Darren Data was preceded by confused heartless Errol. [4] LORE Anagram + deleted letter: (er)r(ol)= Lore, from Star Trek
Darren Dancing Errol’s lieutenant is buggy. [8] STROLLER Anagram + added letters: ERROLS+LT
Araltaln Strip with mine, Errol and Spooner’s following? Oy, Egnor! [8]
Araltaln For example, Errol is a blower of cold air on a rocky hill [5] ACTOR Charades: AC + TOR
Darren To the audience, beheading Errol and MacBeth is acting. [8] ROLEPLAY Homophone + deleted letter + charades: ROLL + PLAY
Darren Early signs of Errol in the countdown to train. [8] TERMINUS Deleted letters, embedded word: (Er)rol in T-MINUS
Darren I hear parking with Errol is a dangerous thing. [5] PERIL Homophone: P + ERROL
Araltaln Victory! Tango with heartless Errol! Why a thousand photos for Turin and Vancouver? [6,8] Winter Olympics Charades: WIN + T + ER OL + Y + M + PICS
Araltaln “A class for beginners: Cryptics Only Using Reversals,” says Errol. [6] COURSE Initial letters
Araltaln Use a statistics package to link from perplexed Errol into a box without it [9]
Darren Zeus, eg, loses the right to be like Errol. [4] GEEK Deleted letter: G®EEK
Darren Spooning Errol pus is deadly. [8] PERILOUS Spoonerism
Darren A smell lingers inside the Errol factory. [9] OLFACTORY Hidden word: Err(ol factory)
Darren Rollerskating without Errol may be illegal harassment. [8] STALKING Deleted letters + anagram: remove Errol from Rollerskating
Darren Hark! 100 Errols singing joyful songs! [6] CAROLS Homophone: C+ERROLS
Darren Errol’s redundant recursion: original leaders! [5] ERROL Initial letters
Darren Errol’s puzzles, including cryptics, start off great! [4] EPIC Initial letters
Darren Errol fumes angrily, becomes contrite. [10] REMORSEFUL Anagram: ERROLFUMES
Darren Errol messes around without shame. [11] REMORSELESS Anagram: ERROLMESSES
Darren Totoro goes around north to Errol’s home? [7] TORONTO Anagram: TOTORO+N
Kevin Errol’s real cost is volatile. [6,8] ROLLER COASTER Self-definition, Anagram: ERROLS REAL COST
Darren Mysteriously, Errol’s goats are star-gazers. [11] ASTROLOGERS Anagram: ERROLS GOATS
Araltaln Ultimately, Errol ate scrambled egg, we hear a written account. [6] LEDGER Final letters