Adding Teambuilding to your Games - Transworld 2017


From the live Slack chat by James Cobalt

Are your games designed with team building in mind? Do you provide an option for debriefing after the game? Do you have a conference or eating area? How do you market yourself for team building or corporate events? What can you offer them that no one else can?

If you don’t have a space where people can bring food in, create one.

No updates since an audience member has taken over the presentation
and the room is not having it finally

so it wouldn’t be a transworld conference without drama

fewer hecklers this year though

so that’s an improvement

Put company booking logos on your website.

Editor’s note: this is very tricky and guarantee she’s not allowed to put some of these logos on her site. Almost all companies have logo use restrictions and require written permission

She’s got Home Depot, Intuit, AT&T etc

Gotta pull corp players into the game. Use actors. Give them easy wins.

Actors can get the quiet people involved by repeating them “sorry what did you say, jim? it’s a seven?”

Or asking them questions

Audience member says they give flashlights only to the wallflowers so they are needed

They give people playful nicknames

It’s a way to point people out which is key in corp events but still important in regular events

Point out people doing a great job but aren’t being listened to

A woman wasn’t listened to on her team of all men. She was right all the time and they just ignored her. They lost but would have won if listened to her. They pointed this out in the debrief and gave the manager a video.

She got a promotion a month later.

Do not do Groupon.

Do not devalue your business.

Offer packages. Offer entire building rental.

“We don’t discount your experience so we don’t discount your price” :fire:

Group discounts. For her facility, group discounts start at 60.

They don’t raise prices for corp groups either as some facilities do.

If you’re providing an extra service, then yes, increase the price. It’s an upcharge. But not charging more for the same services.

The “no discount” thing assumes that their price/value point is appropriate.

If you’re the $10 game with a $35 price in a market of $25 games…

Add team building into the intro: talk about teamwork and communication. “You cannot do this alone”. Everyone working towards same goal.

Also the facility. Most facilities can’t accommodate 60 people. But that’s where their group discount starts.

She is explaining a multi-player puzzle to an audience member

“Name something Jen did that nobody else did? How did Tina collaborate with Bob? GMs point every single person out
then there’s the ‘down n dirty’ where we’re an asshole

the honest assessment

who is the leader, distractor, analyzer

no more drama!

They do hiring events

Candidates play games and they get analysis reports

how about “you’re talking about people’s potential livelihoods with getting hired or not… so where did you get your degree in corporate psychology?”

Join networking groups. Chambers, HR groups, meetups, BNI, boards, whatever you can

ASU must be amazing

I would be terrified of creating this kind of program without sign off from licensed psychologists

It’s a litigation minefield

“Don’t copy companies in your area. It’s a dick move.”

Ethical quandary. The players are not aware they are being evaluated.